Since ages back
along the course of time
I’m looking for the life of human beings.
Somewhere inside the blurred lines of geo-frame
the road to our homes is confusing.
Even then a beautiful dream like Sungava1
is blooming full inside the heart of hopes.

Time it is to chant a song of age!

To whittle human life
To ascertain and empathize it,
Time it is- readily unwilling to acknowledge.
Millions of fireflies clutching lights
are themselves in quest of light.
Oils and Wicks are burning themselves in diyo2
for the sake of light.
Ample of our lives are also smoldering
for the sake of those lights.

A song of zeal
A song of strife
A song of life
Now, is indispensable to be sung!

Drowned in the lake of obscurity,
I’ve brought a small shaft of light
I need your sturdy hands
to safeguard this light
I need your voice
to choir the song of exhilaration!

Yes, the history never records its time!
However, the history keeps going with the time itself
I want to write an ode of my epoch!
The one that is in my verse for thy,
and one that can’t be found anywhere else.

You also being as tall as a pen, come
and pour thine in these white vacant papers –
for the sake of happiness
for the sake of security and honour
upon the soil of mind-set
on the highway to civilization
I’m spreading out the gunpowder of words
I’m loading revolution
in the hands, always stooping for salutes.

In the home of slavery-mind,
living an acquaintance like that of
an old coat, tattered and faded
I’m filling their heart, conscience and brain
with pleasure, zeal and inspiration.
Kindling a light of awareness
to the beholders of this earth and sky,
I’m imparting a voice.

I have an only dream that –
Inside the woods of this murky heart
drenched with selfishness,
the future even within the fossils
could find a proof
– that some people here had dreams
their dream had wings
– that some people in this earth
sought to establish a world of human beings
dreamt of outlining a society of human beings.

(Original: सपनाहरू by Pawan Chamling Kiran)

1. Sungava: a flower usually found in the hilly regions
2. diyo: small earthenware lamp; small copper lamp

About Poet:

Pawan Kumar Chamling (b. 1950) writing under the nom de plume Pawan Chamling ‘Kiran’ is an eminent literary figure from North-East India writing in Nepali. Basically a poet, he has published half a dozen of books some of which are Praramvik Kavitaharu (Elementary Poems), Antaheen Sapna: Mero Bipana (Perennial Dreams and My Reality), Ma Ko Hun (Who am I)and have since been translated into various other languages including English and Hindi. He has been honoured with various awards like Bhanu Puraskar, Chintan Puraskar, Bharat Siromani, etc. An avid poet at heart but a hardcore politician by deeds, he is the founder president of the Sikkim Democratic Front, which has governed the state for five successive terms since 1994 and hence is one of the longest standing Chief Ministers of India.

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