cold ashtray

cold ashtray

Those who come here–
come with hearts on fire
and lips ablaze.

Those who stay here–
stay grappling fistful of ashes
and eyes drenched in smoke.

And those who leave from here–
take away extinguished beliefs
and unfurnished dreams in their pockets.

Thus is this vale–
enveloped by quaternary notches;
Like a cold ashtray–
this pit resting under the passes.

(Original: चिसो एष्ट्रे by Bhupi Sherchan)

About Poet:
One of the most popular and widely read poets of Nepal, Bhupi Sherchan’s (1936-1989) poems speak in simple Nepali, the issues crucial to everyone and are influential mostly for their distinctive humour and anger towards socio-political depravity. His collection of forty-two prose poems entitled Blind Man On a Revolving Chair (Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manche) first published in 1969 was awarded the prestigious Sajha Puraskar and has since become one of the most influential and acclaimed collections of Nepali poetry.

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